Our Philosophy

Your car is an important investment, we want to keep it the way it was designed

Experience, education, our workshop equipment and the interest and love in what we do is a unique combination that will benefit you.
We take responsibility to provide you with the best work possible and this unique combination guarantees you no surprises on price.

If we diagnose any faults on your car you don’t have to ask “Will that fix it, you reckon?”
At ECDC we know that it will, and double-check on everything to be sure. If it’s not fixed you don’t pay for it and that is a promise.

Quality costs money, we want to keep our quality up because that’s what you paid for at the time you bought your European car. There are certainly cheaper mechanics, but do they provide the same quality?

All our work has a lifetime warranty, so you don’t pay for the same thing twice

We became technicians for cars not only to make money. The main reason is we love high tech cars. To find faults, fix these faults and keep the cars in A1 condition, that’s why we spend 60% of our income on new technologies and test equipment. We are able to fix and maintain your car faster and better and that saves you money later, when your car needs it.

Our main concern is quality and customer service wherever it applies.