We use the latest in technology to diagnose your car, most equipment is imported from Europe, the equipment used by workshop in that are accredited in Europe.

AHS Roller Break Testing Machine – we tell you the exact brake power of each of your brakes

  • BEAR PACE 100 Vehicle Diagnostic Computer
  • INFRALYT 400Exhaust Emission Testing & Catalytic Converter
  • OTC EuropeDieselrauchgastester – Diesel Engine Emission Control
  • SunMaster 3 Digital Engine Tester
  • Fuel Injection Test Equipment
  • STORZ Endoscope
  • Wheel Balance Machine
  • Tyre Fitting Machine
  • Special Tools required for the maintenance of European Cars
  • OTC Diagnostic System… to access saved information on Motor Management Computers
  • BOSCH PMS…. portable Multiscope
  • Computer Resetting Tools for all European Brands
  • Robin AIR…Vehicle Air Conditioning Refill & Service System
  • BOSCH Diagnostic Computer KTS 560
  • BOSCH ESI-Tronic Data DVD for over 55 European car brands
  • Dealerlogic (software to register your newly bought car directly here on our premises)