If you are thinking about buying a European car, new or used, that can be a good decision. If you are thinking about buying a European car, new or used, that can be a good decision. But there are some really important things to consider before you do. It is hard to give the right advice for a particular brand because there are different issues on different models.

Some Basic Rules:

  • If you buy a European car for the first time inform yourself which brand and model suits your needs.
  • Learn about the car in relevant media or from people who are not involved in the sale.
  • The internet is a very good tool for gathering information.
  • Make sure the car you want to buy has as much service history as possible (only verifiable info and in writing) pre-owner would be good.
  • Buying from a private owner gives you more information about the car, the reason for selling is important, as are repair invoices. Gathering lots of info saves you from losing money later and gives you a good picture of the seller
  • Buying from a dealer means that you get a warranty and some other protections, but you should deal with someone who knows his business.
  • The dealership should be selling the brand you want to buy – both new and pre-used. Alternatively, they should be a qualified mechanic on the brand you want to buy. At least those guys know what to buy in the first place and there is less possibility of buying a lemon
  • Most importantly, get the vehicle checked out by a European master technician who has access to all the computer equipment and tools necessary. Normal pre-buy inspections by other institutions are excellent, but worthless on European cars.
  • Our pre-purchase inspections are free for late model cars (conditions apply).
  • Make sure you get a written report including printout on your engine management system and all other computer information.
  • If you would like more information or advice please give us a call or mail us. It’s free.Too many purchasers have had to spend lots of money on recently acquired cars because they did not have them checked out before buying.